Warhammer Historical


Three games were finished in less than 5 hours. The rules are simple and very easy to operate, 

while not losing historical feeling and game interest.  Everybody very much enjoyed the system.




Game 1: Rome (Hermann Ng) vs. Barbarian (Christopher Chu)

The Barbarians tried to outflank the Legionaries with their chariots but failed.  Romans won .


Game 2:   Rome (Hermann Ng) vs. Barbarian (Philip Ngo)

The Barbarians made a frontaal charge using their numerical advantage, finally winning a 

great victory and capturing the Roman's Eagle standard.


Game 3:   Rome (Christopher) vs. Barbarian (Cheung Kar Fai)

The Romans won by seizing the opportunity of making a successful converging attack,

many of the Barbarians failing their the panic tests and running away.