Commands & Colors Ancients 15mm Successors

A poor start for the Selucids saw their elephants falling back in disarray following some

distant enemy bowfire, trampling their own troops to the bargain.  Much of the action

then continued on the Selucid right flank with the enemy keeping on the pressure, and in

the process killing one of the Selucid sub-generals, thereby reducing the number of 

command cards drawn each turn, from 5 to 4.


The Selucid pike that had been holding the river line on their left flank precipitously 

advanced in an effort to seize the initiative and turn the tide that was rising against them.

Whilst they caused heavy enemy casualties they were themselves decimated leaving the 

Selucid army dangerously exposed, with in excess of 50% losses as compared to the 

enemy's 25%. 


In one last desperate effort to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, the Selucid CinC 

played a leadership card, thereby forcing his opponent to roll for a morale check.  

Rolling 8 dice (equivalent to the enemy unit losses) the Selucid CinC threw 3 flags.

In response, his opponent rolled 14 dice (equivalent to his remaining number of units)

needing 3 or more helmets to save the day . . . fate dictated that only 2 dice fell helmet

side up - his army retired from the field to fight another day. 


The underserved Selucid victory left their opponents somewhat bemused but, hey, that's