Warfare in the Age of Reason - 15mm French v Austrians

Philip Ngo & Christopher Chu had been playing with the French Army a for a while and 

were quite keen to try some of the new options in AOR.  The Austrians (commanded by 

Alexander Lam) were the defenders with only 9 units holding the small walled village, the 

French objective.


A massive French army (15 units) approached with overwhelming numbers, however the 

Austrians were ordered to conduct a holding operation, while the French were tasked 

with breaking through and crushing the Austrians, no matter the casualties.  It looked 

pretty grim for the French for a few turns.


Alexander Lam's a batteries of siege guns & medium guns had been placed at optimal 

range, with devastating consequence on the French advance.  French casualties 

mounted such that by the end of turn turn 7 two units had been routed, leaving the French 

force not far from their breakpoint.


The French Grenadiers attempted to drive back the enemy light troops (Croats) holding 

the light woods without success.  At same time, the Austrian Cuirassiers inflicted further

casualties, routing more French infantry.


At turn 10, the French Hussars demoralised the Austria n Hussars but this was not a

decisive battle.  The defenders held the objective leaving the end result quite in favour

of the Austrians.