Commands and Colors Ancients 

28mm Early Imperial Romans v Celts

A massive battle, some 600 figures on table, with 4 players per side, hosted by Andrzej.

A somewhat impetuous charge by the Roman cavalry under the command of Francus 

Litmus on the Roman right saw the initiative pass to the Celts, commanded by Jeffrey 

the Bold.  This advantage was further strengthened when the Roman auxilia, ordered by 

legate Ericus Agrippa to hold the central high ground, were pushed back in disarray by

the assault of the Celtic Fanatics.


An inconclusive attack on the Celt right failed to dislodge the Romans, who then threw

the Praetorian Guard in a bid to secure the centre.  Celtic casualties steadily increased

and the initiative seemed to be passing to the Romans when, in an attempt to snatch 

victory from the jaws of defeat, Jeffrey, true to his name, made the bold decision to forfeit

a 'leadership' command card, thereby forcing the Roman to take a morale test.


Rolling 13 dice, Jeffrey beat the odds by throwing 4 flags.  In response, the Roman's 27 

dice should statistically have carried the day, needing 4 helmets to pass their morale . . .

however, it was not to be, as only 3 helmets were rolled, thereby precipitating a hasty 

Roman withdrawal and leaving the field in the hands of the jubilantly victorious Celts!