General Quarters Naval WWI


Alexander Lam & Cheung Kar Fai (German commanders), Hermann Ng & Christopher

Chu (British commanders) used these naval rules to fight a battle on the High Seas

between the German & British in World War One.

Battle Narrative: When the battle opened, both sides closed head-on for the first two turns. 

The British CA HMS Invincible opened fire on the lead German ship at extreme range. 

A lucky hit!  The German CL suffered a single firepower hit and two hull hits, along with a

Fire Control critical hit.


The Germans turned parallel to the British, with gunnery exchanges continuing for a few turns. 

HMS Inflexible took another hit from the Germans, this one critically damaging her engine

room and further reducing her speed.


Both sides decided to use their torpedoes to try and sink the opposing battle cruisers but

both missed.  The battle ended with both sides having suffered a lot of damage.


We were pleasantly surprised that the simulated game time worked out so close to real-time.

(we just played for about 50 minutes).  A much better gunnery model for combat resolution

without adding too much time to play.  Quick set-up (the preparation time was less that 10

minutes) and play makes this a good system for naval combat.  Better fidelity of simulation

for World War One naval actions.