15mm DBMM Ancients

Match 1 - 450AP game played by  Philip Ngo (Seleucid) & Hermann Ng (Ptolemaic)


The Ptolemaic player used the stratagem, " Concealed Command", to surprise his enemy.

He deployed his one command into the Built up Area - a pyramid.  This strategy obtained

a suitable success causing the Selucid player to be caught off guard by his sudden attack.

Finally, the Selucids managed to rout the " Concealed Command", but the Ptolemaics killed

the Seleucid sub-general.


Both side's pike blocks could not a breakthrough despite several rounds of combat.  Both

agreed that this was a drawn game.


Match 2 - 120 AP


Two games were finished in less than 3 hours.  Results:


Game 1: Christopher Chu (Palmyran) vs. Alex Ho (Roman), an intense fight, and, although

this was Alex Ho's first participation he still controlled his army well. The most decisive throws

of the dice found Chu unexpectedly throwing 1 while Ho threw 6.


The Palmyrans had insufficient casualties for any commands to break.


Game 2: Christopher Chu (Palmyran) vs. Cheung Kar Fai (Roman),
The Romans won by seizing the opportunity of making a successful converging attack,

the Palmyran’s knight was killed within a round.