15mm DBR

Japanese Civil Wars Participants: Cheung Kar Fai, Alex Lam, Philip Ngo, Hermann Ng,

Christopher Chu, James Cheung   Each player represented a Daimyo with a 250 AP

Japanese DBR army.  The players divided into the 2 great rival samurai clans of Uesugi

(Cheung Kar Fai, James Cheung & Hermann Ng)  & Takada (Alex Lam, Philip Ngo &

Christopher Chu).  Itís seemed to be a cherished tale in Japanese military history ~~

Kawanakajima.   The battle began with a rapid advance by Uesugiís daimyo.  Part of the

reason was because of a desire to rout Philip Ngo while he was not yet ready to engage

the Uesugi in a full scale contest.  Unfortunately, Alex moved his armies across the east

bank of the river and took up a position to launch a counterattack. The two evenly matched

armies facing each other across a riverbed, Daimyo Chu routed Daimyo Kar Faiís defensive

line, and this was a very important gain for the Takeda side as this allowed them to completely

outflank their opponent. The Takeda could now bypass the river approach of the Uesugi

where they attacked nearby where James had ordered the restoration of his position.  

Daimyo Hermann Ng manoeuvred his troops in preparation for an attack on the Philip's

scattered troops, aiming to destroy them.  Finally, Daimyo Alex ordered his LN to advance

with a fierce head-on charge, menacing the defeating detachments of Uesugi troops and

devastating their lands.   Two of the Uesugiís daimyos routed while Takeda had lost only one,

the victory thus belonging to the clan of Takeda