Phalanx Games' Italia

Virtual Roman history in one package. Craig's graphics are a plus. The mapboard is hard

mounted in the fashion of old AH's glorious days.  I hope more games like this can be

produced in future.  I have been keeping an eye on this game for a long time. The designer

uses the Britannia basic game system to design this game and Hispania to portray a nation's

history in one go.  The grand strategic decision is different and interesting each time you play

a different side.  This game captures almost 1500 years of Italian history, from 330 BC to

1100 AD. Jesus Christ, yes, he was born in between . . .

The game is very colourful and has 600 cardboard game pieces depicting 30 nations coming

and going in the history of Rome.  All significant leaders, even the lesser known, are included.

Forces are generic and players score VPs on area objectives and winning battles on specific

turns. Timing is important in this game.  There are actually 2 games in one. The early Roman

history is in Italia I, where 3 people play.  The later Roman history (with Western Roman and

Byzantium Roman) requires 4 players.  We played the Italia I game, the earlier Roman history

where Etruscans and Samnites were still major tribes on the peninsula. We spent 6 hours and

completed 4 turns at the May meeting.  We continued with the game (10 turns) at the June

meeting.  After play, I should say I heartily recommend this game to anyone who is interested

in the entire Roman history.  You can really recreate it with this game.  Excellent game design.


Lawrence Hung