2007 AGM Competitions

15mm DBMM knock-out  


Army lists from Book 1 to Book 4 can be used.


Players need to bring their own army.

The commercial version of the DBMM rules prevails.

Played with 120 AP armies.

Each army has only 1 command and general, the C-in-C, who's extra or reduced cost

(e.g. Brilliant General or Inert General) is half that of a DBMM C-in-C, and up to 2 Baggage

elements.  Element minima are reduced to 1/4 rounded down and maxima to 1/2 rounded up.

Up to 4 elements specified by army list as controlled only by an allied or subordinate general

can be used. The extra or reduced cost of a general is halved and rounded down.

The battlefield is a 1,800p square tile.


Players are encouraged to bring along their own terrain and table cloth.


Please refer to page 44 of the DBMM rulebook for details.


Memoir '44


Competition scenarios will be provided on the day. 


Players are encouraged to bring along their own copies of the game.

Rules can be found here.


28mm Gladiatorial Combat


All miniatures and arenas will be provided.  Here are the rules and here is the sample reference sheet.