Mid-Monthly Meeting, Saturday 19 February 2005

after action report


We had a fair turnout, with one new member joining (welcome to Li Tai Wah) and one lady visitor, Sabrina, who took on the role of race steward for the Circus Maximus.


15mm Napoleonic re-enactment of the Battle of Waterloo (with the Prussians absent) using the Napoleon's Battles game system.  The French were narrowly defeated despite a successful but costly charge by the Guard.  Full report coming soon . . . 

Gundam War using Mobile Soldier-In Action.  Three matches were played to successful conclusion, with a final tally of 2- 1 wins for the Zeon player.

Sino-Japanese naval battle of the Yalu river using the Steam and Steel rules. The Chinese side ultimately winning the engagement!


Another naval battle was also fought between the German and British fleets on the high seas, WWI, using General Quarters rules.

Well, after a long absence from the arena, we saw the return of chariot racing in the Circus Maximus, using the Avalon Hill rule set.  Six chariots started the race, with Tony and Lawrence as rank outsiders at odds of 17:1.  With but one length to go, 3 chariots were neck and neck at the final bend - Lawrence, Peter Munn and Andrzej.  Newbie Lawrence's chariot carried the day (and the pot of $340!).


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