Monthly meeting, Saturday 8 January 2005

after action report


Well, despite a turn out of only 18 people, 7 different games were played in a variety of periods and rules.  We also welcome back Derek Gould who rejoined the club after several years of absence, having just rediscovered us through the web.


The Battle of Gaugamela - 15mm DBM


Darius won the battle.  Both the left and the right wings of the Macedonians were routed.

The Macedonians were commanded by Philip Ngo (left wing), Derek Gould (centre), Lawrence Ho (right wing).  Herbert Wong commanded all four commands of the Persians.

Gaugamela was a plain with little terrain save only two hills touching the left table edge and another two hills touching the right table edge.

Persian deployed first, Macedonian moved first.

The deployment of the Macedonians was classical with all its pike blocks in the centre, most of its cavalry were concentrated on its left wing, while the remaining cavalry and Alexander were deployed on the right wing.  The plan of the Macedonians was to let the Persian attack the central pike block, the cavalry on the left wing to lead the advance while refusing the right wing.

The Persian deployed its psiloi, auxilia and Hordes in the centre, the expendables, elephants, knights, Darius and half of the cavalry on the right wing.  The remaining half of the cavalry and the Greek Mercenary spearmen were deployed on the left wing.  The Persian strategy was to use double envelopment, using psiloi to delay the pike block and achieving local superiority on both wings.

The right wing of the Macedonians broke first and nearly all of them, except the Psiloi, were massacred.  Then the left wing of the Macedonians was also broken.

One of the battle's highlights was the destruction of the Macedonian left wing general who fell to Persian expendables by rolling a one versus six. The odds were +5 for the Fast Knights versus +3 for the expendables (being overlapped). 

There will be a re-fight of the battle at the mid-monthly meeting, with Alexander Lam as Darius.


Poles and the German Imperial allies take on the Russian Horde - 15mm DBR v2.0


The Poles were commanded by Andrzej on the left wing, the Germans in the centre, under Eric, holding the castle, with the remainder of the poles under Ken on the right flank.  The Allies deployed first, with Jeff then setting up his mobile commands in the open country on his right, opposite the Polish winged hussars, with Neil deploying his artillery and shot on the Russian left, behind the river, facing Ken.


The Russians moved first, Neil soon discovering that the river was "tricky" thereby hindering rapid movement, but providing a good defensive line which Ken's war wagons and shot would have difficulty in breaching.   The Allied response was slow due to several turns of low pip dicing.  In the meantime Neil's artillery was proving effective against Ken's war wagons and Jeff had manoeuvred into position against the winged hussars on the Polish left.  The Russian charge, however, proved largely ineffectual and the lancers held sway, decimating the Russian cavalry over the space of several turns, thereby demoralising the Russian's largest command.  


On the Polish right, the situation was reversed, with Neil's Russians breaking Ken's command.  In the centre Eric was making steady progress and things were looking grim for the Russians when it was time to call it a day.  A winning draw to the Allies, although it would have been interesting to have taken the game to its conclusion.


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