Dear Members, 
The Society's Annual General Meeting was scheduled for Saturday 31st August at the Senior Officers' Mess, but unfortunately that booking has been cancelled.

Consequently, the Annual General Meeting will now be held in KITEK on Saturday 31st August 2019.

Programme (with approximate times) is as follows:
Registration and Call the AGM  (12:00)
Start the AGM (13:00)
Taking Group Photos and Trophy Presentation, Game Set-up and Annual auction, Competitions will run thereafter.
Rough Agenda for AGM:
Date and Time: 31-8-2019, 13:00
Place of Meeting: 6/F KITEC Hong Kong.
1. Report by individual Members of the Committee.
2. Approval of books and accounts presented by the Treasurer (see Appendix A for the details of accounts attached).
3. Review and approval of annual subscription and door fee for monthly meeting for the coming year.
4. Any other business.
5. Election of new committee.
Note: Members are advised to move the tables after the AGM themselves should they need the tables for games.
Game Table Booking
Please let us know whether you are coming or not on or before 25/8/2019. The Game Tables will be served to those who had reserved them first and those who have not booked in advance will have to wait to see if there are any available tables for them.
Auctions News
There will be some donated games to be auctioned off at the AGM to raise funds for the Society.
(1) Donated Board Wargames from Aris Aravantinos
(2) Donated Board Wargames from Andrzej Cierpicki
(3) 50% sales proceeds of donated Board Wargames from Sam Tang
(4) Donated Magazine games from Peter Hunt
Photos of the items:  or
These are the items we are going to sell at HKSW AGM. Should you be interested to buy it, pls let us know. The minimum starting bid price is HKD50. We shall bring the item to this year's HKSW AGM if someone is interested in it. If you are not going to be at our AGM this year and want to buy it, pls pm me.
Items picked by someone to be auctioned at AGM
1. Aris' AH Panzer Armee Africa (LH)
2. Sam Tang's SPI Moscow 1941 (JC)
3. Aris' AH Mustang (JC)
4. Andrzej's Counterfacts 1936 (JC)
5. Andrzej's Turenne (LTW)
6. Peter's SPI Hurtgen Forest (JC)
7. Peter's 3W Sturm Nach Ostein (JC)
8. Peter's Modern War Drive on Pyongyang (JC)
9. Peter's Modern War Oil War Iran Strikes (JC)
10. Peter's Modern War Somali's Pirates (DG)
11. Andrzej's Para Bellum (ES)
12. Erwin's The Dark Valley (LH)
Basic rules of the auctions
You can also bring items to be auctioned at the AGM. From past experience, the final selling price of stuff sold at HKSW auction is lower than that selling at eBay.
Firstly, you have to list your reserve price (minimum price)
Secondly, it is natural to sell things related to history, wargames, boardgames, fantasy, etc. as we are a Society of wargamers.
Thirdly, if you want to attract members interest, you can send me a list of your stuff with the reserve price so that I can send them to the members before AGM.
Fourthly, you can sell the stuff at listed price without going through the auction procedures on that day on a first come first serve or discretionary basis or you can have them sell at the auction. It's up to you.
Finally, you are responsible to dispose of all your unsold items. The Society will return them to you on that day if they are unsold.
I suggest you have some ten dollars and twenty dollar notes readily available as changes.
Trophies for the Competitions
The objective of the competitions is not to determine who is the best player, but for our members to get together to play friendly games with each other for fun without too many stress. As an encouragement to their participations, trophy will be given to the Winner of the competition (if there are 6 or more participants). Additional trophies to Runner-Ups may be awarded if there is a sponsor for the competition.
Members can participate in more than one competition in this year, though only one trophy will be awarded in case he wins more than one competitions. Of course, we shall indicate his achievements by choosing the right wordings to be inscribed on his trophy where applicable.
Trophy presentation Ceremony of HKSW 2018/2019 Competitions:
(1) Boardgame Competition - Star Wars: Imperial Assault
Winner: Himson Lam, 1st Runner-Up: Henry Yan, Best Newcomer: To Cheuk-Hay
(2) Boardgame Competition - Twilight Struggle
Winner: Erwin Lau, Runner-Up: Pash Chan
KITEC Centre, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon
I would suggest you to go to the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Station. Then travel by MTR to Kowloon Bay Station (about 40 minutes). Then you can either go there by the Shuttle Bus at Telford Plaza 2 (next to Kowloon Bay MTR Station) or travel by taxi (about 10 minutes by taxi, about 15 minutes by shuttle bus, excluding the time waiting for the shuttle bus which is free of charge). The transportation information of KITEC can also be> found on its website:
Of course, you can travel by taxi directly.