Dear Members, 
The Society's Annual General Meeting was scheduled for Saturday 31st August at the Senior Officers' Mess, but unfortunately that booking has been cancelled.

Consequently, the Annual General Meeting will now be held in KITEK on Saturday 31st August 2019.

As you know the venue at Kitek is smaller than that at the SOM so we may have to book an additional room to ensure that members have space to play their games after the AGM business has been concluded.  For this reason, please indicate by 25th August 2019 if you will be attending the AGM and your table requirements.  We will then book with Kitek accordingly.

Sadly, we cannot arrange the traditional curry buffet lunch at Kitek, but our hope is that when things return to normal we can arrange a lunch at the SOM sometime later, although, for obvious reasons, we cannot confirm a date at this stage. To partly compensate for this, your Committee proposes that members attending the AGM will receive a $50 discount on their Annual Subscriptions.

The Society has a healthy bank balance for the moment and we shall be recommending to the AGM that annual subscriptions and meeting door fees remain the same.

We hope that you can attend the AGM on 31st August.  We aim to get the business of the AGM out of the way as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the traditional auction and a good day’s wargaming.

Jeff Herbert

Chairman HKSW