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Alan Knight - Obituary

Oddly enough I was reminiscing about Alan only a few weeks ago with Peter Sherwood.

Strangely I can't remember any game that we played together, although there were many, which must be an indication that they were all good.  But I do remember the many beers, Alan's sense of humour and listening to his wisdom and tips about talking and writing that were the tools of his trade.

Alan had two voices.  His natural speech, which was quite high, fast and always cheerful, and his radio broadcast or lecture delivery voice which was several octaves lower, slower and full of gravitas.  He only let this slip once that I remember when he was doing a telephone report for the RTHK radio news from Phnom Penh during the 1997 coup there.  He started off in his "radio voice" but as the interview progressed he, understandably, lapsed into his natural voice as he realised that the bangs going off outside his hotel window were real RPG rounds!


His profile picture "Linked In",  the staid business connections site, featured a large parrot on his shoulder that sums up his sense of fun and refusal to take himself seriously.


He will be missed.


Peter Hunt

February 2017

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