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Christopher Chu - Obituary

"A tragic loss to the wargamers and football fans of Hong Kong."
(In memory of my friend Christopher Chu, also known as “Old Chu”)

Christopher Chu, nicknamed "Old Chu", was my first new friend when I returned to wargaming 20 years ago. He was friendly, enthusiastic, and humorous. Although I cannot recall how we met, I will always remember the times when I was playing Warmaster at the Tsuen Wan School where he once taught. I saw that he got along well with the students and was winning their love and trust.

In addition to being a core member of Hong Kong’s wargaming community, Chris was also well-known among football fans. In his football show, "Peanut Football", his outspoken style earned him many followers. I also love playing football, and like Chris, take the same position on the field as the goalkeeper. Thus, we had other shared interests, characteristics, and points of view beyond wargaming. Therefore, we became close friends soon after we just met. He has been a close ally to me. When I needed help, he always stood by me without hesitation. For example, when I proposed to organize and set up any event, it was often Chris who first came out to support it.

Speaking of competition, I regret to say that the DBMM competition in Hong Kong last November was the last time I played against him. We were fortunate to meet each other in the second round. At that time, we were in the first and second places. Once Chris got serious on the battlefield, he was an extremely difficult opponent to deal with and I could not find any flaws in his strategy and tactics. Furthermore, when he got serious, he was always taken care of by luck. This made it difficult for me to beat him on that match. Eventually, I needed to accept that the match had to be ended in a draw with 12:13 favored to him. Since Chris was such a respectable player that he did not care about the result, one was not always able to meet Chris in serious mode and it was my honor to have the pleasure of battling against him in such a way.

Chris’s dedication to the wargaming world is beyond doubt. Most of the photos of HKSW's meeting were taken by him, sorted out, and then posted on Facebook and other networks, which made the outside world have a broader understanding of both wargaming and HKSW. He also never hesitated to spend his time and energy, tirelessly made in-depth exchanges and answered questions with wargaming enthusiasts around the world. His effort helped promoting wargaming not only in Mainland China and Taiwan but even elsewhere in the world. For example, if Chris didn't introduce me to wargaming enthusiasts in Taiwan, I would not have been able to promote DBMM and DBA there. In addition, he also visited several secondary schools from time to time to promote wargaming to secondary school students, and I was also fortunate to help on several occasions. Of course, when it came to his greatest contribution, it must be his design and development of wargames. His effort in the design and promotion of wargames as well as the development and communication with Wargaming developers in the Mainland China flourished the growth of that industry. His greatest work, “Strike on Sarhu” aroused the interest of young people in both Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to ancient history.

Chris was involved in a variety of fields and his life was colorful beyond my own experiences. His extravagant lifestyle, however, extracted a toll on his body which worried his friends and relatives. Now he has left us and although he has only lived in this world for only 46 years, I believe that his life was absolutely wonderful and without regret.

James Cheung
January 8, 2020










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