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Tony Lee - Obituary

李以中先生于29/8 在九龍紅磡永盛殯儀館永寧堂

Tony Lee's Wargaming History and contribution to the hobby
Tony had been a wargamer for more than 28 years.  I met him and Alex Lam at the Hong Kong First Wargame Open Competition in 1982 held at HKU.  More than 32 wargamers participated in that competition and Tony was the winner.  After the competition, we exchanged contact numbers and he joined my wargamers group and have been one of my closest wargamers’ friends.


Tony was always a winner.  His academic result was outstanding (talking about 6 to 7 distinctions in the 1980s though we had another wargamer with 8 distinction and 1 credit).  He was a fast learner in everything, able to identify the right course of actions.  He was simply Best of the Best, especially in the wargaming field.  He was practical, able to exploit the loophole of rulebook and was a master of surprise tactics.  Never follow the rules, bright, enhusiastic.  A great strategic leader.  I thought he was the best general I have ever encountered so far!  Sorry, Herbert and James, he was better than both of you and would beat both of you most of the times if not because of age and health!


I introduced miniatures wargame to him and mailed order his first 15mm Ancients army (Seleucid) and 1/300 Ultramodern Micro-tank army (Soviet) from Tabletop Games.  We played lots of board wargames and miniatures in the Summer Holidays.  Tony loved wargames and it was his wish to promote wargames in China and set up wargame chainstores there, spreading the wargaming message.  He joined the Hong Kong Society of Wargamers at around 1984 after converted to miniatures wargamers by me. 

He has won a lot of wargames champioship.  The winner of the Hong Kong Open Board Wargames competition in 1982 organised by Wargames Research Group.  Winner of the Ancients Competition of the Hong Kong Society of Wargamers at least twice.  Best General of Warhammer Competitions organised by Games Workshop Hong Kong . . .
He was the mastermind and the founder of Dragon Painting Service which is now one of the best wargames painting services company around the World.  Thousands of wargamers are playing painted figures of his company.


Lawrence Ho

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