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The What's New Archive 2007
20 November membership list updated
9 October membership list updated
2 November Battle report by James Cheung: Assault on Venice added to the medieval page
12 September Computer game review of Company of Heroes by Frankie Li added to the computer gaming page
Photos added to A Night on the Day battle report - photo 7 and photo 8
9 September Battle report by Peter Hunt: A Night on the Day added to the vietnam page
  Battle report by Eric Hall: La Bataille des Princes added to the medieval page
4 June gladiator rules updated
3 June membership list updated
  AGM group photos updated
24 May Eric Hall's report New Tacitus Papyrus Found added to
  Jeff Herbert's review of Total War Medieval II added to the computer gaming page
  membership list updated
28 April local stores page updated
24 April Report of the HKSW / Cyberport game show
8 January text added to 6 January after action reports for Warmaster, Axis & Allies D-Day and DBM
7 January membership list updated
2 January link added to an extract from M. W. Baldwin's "The First Hundred Years" (1969) in Jeff's film review of Kingdom of Heaven
1 January the second part of Peter Hunt's Edward, Arthur and Peter added to the other periods page
membership list updated
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