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The What's New Archive 2013
24 December Membership updated - we now have 81 members!
20 December local stores page updated under supplies
15 December Membership updated
22 September Lawrence Ho's battle report of GMT's strategic game The Napoleonic Wars added to the board gaming and napoleonic wars pages
  Membership updated
16 September Updated link added to the latest computer version of Space Hulk on the Space Hulk page
1 September An account of a visit to WARS added to expeditions page
8 July Membership updated
27 June Membership updated
28 May About page updated to reflect increased joining fee of HK$125 per year
21 May Membership updated
  Contacts updated
17 May Membership updated
 9 April 

The about page has been updated to add to the photos from past AGM's the 2013 group photo


2012 competition page updated

  Membership updated 
20 March Herbert Wong's report of his trip to the Italian DBMM International Team Championship 2013 added to the expeditions page
3 March Membership updated
28 February Andrew Lam's battle report of the St Valentine's Day Massacre added to the ancient page
5 February Membership updated
  Broken links removed and new links added under the supplies sub-pages
22 January The about page has been updated to reflect current membership levels
  local stores page updated under supplies
9 January A visit to the Wargames Holiday Centre added to the expeditions page
  A visit to Fall-In 2011 added to the expeditions page
7 January Membership updated
2 January Membership updated
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