Comrade Commander

Bac To Liberated Zone


6 April 1953


Comrade JE Her-but


Your predecessorís failure to eradicate the puppet government post at Ben Mi clearly demonstrated his rightist leanings.  His removal has brought the triumph of the proletariat and peasants closer and reminded us all of the need to be ever vigilant and ever determined in our struggle for freedom.


The Regimental Commander has decided to strike a major blow against the colonialists and their puppet lackeys and has reinforced your company accordingly.  It has been decided to launch the attack in daylight when much of the garrison will be sleeping in the barracks.  In addition to taking the post this will give you the opportunity to destroy one of the colonialistís supply convoys en route from Ben Mi to Bac To.  Ensure that the entire convoy is clear of Ben Mi before attacking the post so that it can be destroyed in the open.  The enemy artillery will not be able to adequately support the post and the convoy at the same time.


In accordance with the teachings of General Giap we have been preparing the battlefield.  The running dog village chief was liquidated by our Battalion Commissar, the good Comrade Trang, and with the acquiescence of the new village head we have been able to infiltrate our Trinh Sat squad into the post and village.  They are equipped with satchel charges and will be able to attack the bunker, watchtower or the barracks where the night shift platoon will be sleeping, as you direct. Gallant patriots have also revealed the enemyís plans to us, please see the attached.


Bing the merchant assiduously pays his road tax so ensure that his truck (it is blue) comes to no harm.  Likewise Van ensures that much of the petrol delivered to Bac To comes to us so avoid damage to his bowser.


Radios and machine guns taken from the colonialistís escort vehicles are always welcome as are ammunition and medical supplies.  So it may be better to close assault these vehicles and loot them rather than destroy than outright.


As you know, the colonialist artillery at Bac To is in range of the entire Ben Mi sector.  The colonialists keep mechanized troops on standby at Bac To.


Success in this action will be highly regarded by the Party and the People.


On to victory!


S A Kwok


Comrade San Ah Kwok