6 April 1953

Operation Order No. 30/1953 by the

Regional Battalion Commander Ben Mi Sector






1.     The Operational area is that in the immediate vicinity of the enemy camp at Ben Mi and the road to Bac To.




2.     The French Colonial Dogs have a military post at Ben Mi which up to now has withstood the exertions of our gallant comrades despite the brilliant commands and directions issued by our illustrious comrade leaders.  This insult to our people cannot be tolerated longer and the Ben Mi post is to be liberated.  In addition a supply convoy will be moving through Ben Mi from Hoa Thran en-route to Bac To.  This convoy will be taken after its departure to Bac To.  The convoy will be taken by ambush when it is well clear of Ben Li and has reached a designated point.


3.     Enemy units at Bac To are likely to respond by supporting Ben Mi with artillery fire and will probably attempt relief by mechanized units.  Enemy aircraft support is possible but likely to be uncoordinated.


4.     Peoples Revolutionary Forces Units taking part in the operation include:


Company 1072

Company 1073


Battalion 107 HQ: Trinh Sat Squad

                       : Commissar TRANG

                       : Sniper Nguyen

                       : HMG Squad

                       : SKZ Recoilless Rifle Squad

                       : Bazooka Squad




5.     To liberate Ben Mi and to take the Ben Mi convoy, after its departure to Bac To, at any cost and also to prevent interference by road from Bac To.




General Outline


6.      Operation Rice Bowl will be conducted in phases.


Phase I: Following the departure of the enemy convoy from Ben Mi in daylight hours the Trinh Sat squad will assault, as directed, from their points of infiltration the Ben Mi Post Watch Tower , Barracks and Bunker.


Phase II: Following the assault by the Trinh Sat Squad the order to General Assault will be given. Coy 1072 will interdict the enemy convoy and Coy 1073 will assault Ben Li.  Commissar TRANG will ensure that Coy Cdr 1073 is aware of his duties in this attack.


Phase III: Whichever attack succeeds first, surviving units will proceed to assist the other. During Phase III

           Units will be deployed to prevent interference from Bac To.


Phase IV: Break-off from action after all target vehicles in convoy have been taken and their equipment captured and Ben Li has been liberated and main structures destroyed. There is no requirement to attack reinforcements from Bac To who will be subject of a delaying action only.




        Overall Commander:            Regional Battalion Commander 107


          Field Commander:                 COY CDR 1072, assisted by COY CDR 1073


          Commissar Duties:                 Commissar TRANG


Specific Duties


16.   The Field Commander will command all forces and lead the attack on the enemy convoy.


17.   COY CDR 1073 will assault Ben Mi Post with his entire company.  The Trinh Sat Squad, BN HMG, Sniper Nguyen and COY 1072 Mortar will assist in this attack.


18.    BN SKZ and BN Bazooka Squad will be placed on the Ben Mi to Back To Road where they will support the attack on the convoy and repel any relief column from Bac To.


Modification of Plans


19.    In the event of fresh orders plans will be modified as necessary.  In the event that Trinh Sat Squad cannot begin their assault, the Field Commander will commence by assaulting the convoy, which will then trigger the attack on Ben Mi.


Other Specific Duties


20.     Commissar TRANG is requested to encourage the attack on Ben Mi Post.




21.     All units will infiltrate into attack positions the night before.  Attacks will commence when the convoy has reached the designated point and the Trinh Sat Squad has begun the attack.




22.     Commanders will be briefed on the afternoon before the infiltration.  De-briefing will take place at Rendezvous Point 13.


25.      The Command Post position will be designated.


Inclement Weather


26.     If the rain is so intense as to prevent the enemy convoy departing Ben Mi instructions will be sought by the Field Commander from BN HQ. 


Special Instructions


27.     In the enemy convoy are vehicles of two comrades, which must not be harmed.  These are the blue truck of Merchant BING and the Petrol Bowser of Gasman VAN. If time permits BING’s vehicle will be checked for contraband.


28.     Convoy escort vehicles will, where possible be subject to close assault in order that valuable equipment and supplies can be seized to assist in the fight for freedom.  The M8 Greyhound will be targeted for fire if it appears to be in a position to jeopardize the attack.


29.     As an enemy recon unit will open the Ben Mi to Bac To Road each morning roadblocks will not be established during the night.  However portable roadblock material will be concealed at two locations for use.  One roadblock will be established to hinder movement from Bac To the other to prevent vehicles regaining Ben Mi.






30.    Field rations will be issued for 3 days, re-rationing will take place at RP13.




31.    Home leave will be considered for any fighter who commits an act of extreme bravery during the attacks, if Home leave cannot be granted the soldier(s) concerned will instead be allowed to eat extra fish-heads for one month and be allowed to volunteer for the Trinh Sat Squad.




32.    Casualties will occur and walking wounded will make their own way to RP13.  Serious injured personnel will be evacuated after the successful conclusion of the operation.  In all other cases they will be shot.


Maps and Plans


33.     Maps of Ben Mi have been issued to all commanders.




34.     Normal command signals will be used.


Sitrep and Incident Reports


35.     The Field Commander or most senior surviving soldier will present a full SITREP to BN HQ at the earliest possible time.



                          Truong Son


                                     (TRUONG Son)

                                      BN CDR 107