Officer Commanding

                                                                                          Bac To Sector



My Dear Bonenfant,


                  I trust that you have returned refreshed from the dissipations of Hanoi .  Whilst you have been away we have had a busy time down here in the Delta.


                  PK 37 at Ben Mi was attacked 10 days ago but the two platoons of AVN there beat off the rebels handsomely.  The village head was assassinated two days later but the new man is very helpful and assures us that Viet Minh activity in the area is now minimal.


                  Poor old Renard was killed by a sniper on the convoy from Hoa Than to Bac To yesterday, his tour had only one more week to go.  I want you to take over his escort team.  Dont worry, the jeep cleaned up nicely.  As well as the military traffic there is a fair bit of civilian traffic to look after too.  The 1er RCC opens the road every morning.  Its about an hour from Hoa Than to Ben Mi where you can drop off the PKs supplies and regroup.  Its about another hour from there to Bac To.  The 1er RCC maintains a response platoon at Bac To and they and the 105s there should be able to deal with any minor problems that you encounter along the way.  As you know we are just as likely to see pigs fly as Bearcats.


                  See you soon, drop in for a Pernod when you get to Bac To.



                                                                             Pierre Chasse Lt Col

                                                                             Officer Commanding