About Andrzej Cierpicki

Andrzej Cierpicki is the best Chairman I have worked for so far. He has done a lot of administration works for the Society. Writing a lot of articles, maintaining the Society's website, upkeeping the membership register, co-ordinating the gaming activities of non-Chinese speaking members, donating trophies for our competitions, . . . When we need the Chairman to keep the naughty members in line, our Chairman is always there. Taking prompt action in a courteous way that keep things on course, resolving the conflict of interests between the member and the Society's members as a whole efficiently and effectively. Rather than controlling the actions of every Committee members, Andrzej delegate his authorities to the Committee members and only retain a very loose control. Supporting the new and wide ideas of some of our Committee members so that the needs of each and every major interest groups in the Society are looked after by the Committee. (i.e. DBMM boys, non-Chinese speaking members, Board wargamers, ASLers, Star Wargamers have their representatives in our Committee) He is a non-replacable asset of the Society. Andrzej Cierpicki had been elected as one of HKSW's Lifetime Member at our Annual General Meeting today.

Andrzej will be leaving Hong Kong later this year.

Lawrence Ho

Members Co-ordinator

The Hong Kong Society of Wargamers

7 May 2016

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