Monthly Meeting, Saturday 5 March 2005

after action report


A good turnout at the meeting, with some 30 people in attendance, both members and guests.


15mm Napoleonic re-enactment of the Battle of Eylau using the Napoleon's Battles game system.  An inconclusive outcome . . . much like the real event!

6 players participated in a 15mm Seven Years War battle using Age of Reason rules. An ahistorical scenario was played, with the Anglo-French allies vs. an Russo-Prussian allied army..

Tom Tong's British attacked early in the centre but were repulsed by Russian bombardment.  However, the heroic British Dragoons successfully delayed an attack by Prussia Cuirassiers on their left, although the Dragoons were eventually exterminated and their leader captured. 

The Russo-Prussian allies were ultimately successful after the Russian commanders ordered their Cuirassiers to breakthrough the enemy line, routing the French line infantry and capturing 2 colours in the same turn.  This action forced a win after the enemy failed their Withdrawal Check with more than 25% casualties.

15mm DBR - Indian Elephants on the rampage, with victory eventually going to Peter Munn's jumbos!

By popular demand, Circus Maximus made a return visit, using the Avalon Hill rule set.  Sixteen chariots started the race, with much jostling and jockeying for position.  After 2 laps and several crashes, Horace was looking set to take the trophy, but some concerted attacks by his devious opponents, put him out of the race, with Tony stomping home to take the first prize (and a pot of HK$400), closely followed by Dick and Jeff, who took second and third place honours respectively. 

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