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HKSW's Wargame and Strategy Game Show

Saturday 21st to Sunday 22 April 2007

The Arcade - Cyberport



Click on the images below to see more photos from the show.


A 2-day event was held over the weekend of 21/22 April 2007 to showcase wargames, strategy games and Euro games, including trade stands selling miniatures, boardgames and painting services.


The venue


Blitzkrieg Commander 15mm Fast Paced WWII Ground Battle Simulation (HKSW) Mobile Suit Gundam 1/400 scale science fiction game (HKSW)
Russian Civil War 20mm miniatures using Red Actions rules (HKSW) Knights of the Sky 1/63 scale World War I aerial dogfight game (HKSW)

Participation / Demonstration Games: