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The What's New Archive 2019
22 December Membership updated - 55 members
4 November Jeff Herbert's review of "The King", the recent Netflix movie on Henry V, added to Despatches.
  Lawrence Hung's comprehensive review of Crusader Kings added to the board gaming page
27 October Membership updated - 47 members
24 September Membership updated - 46 members
5 September  HKSW Group AGM photo added to the list of past group photos
24 August Membership updated - 92 members
23 May Lawrence Hung's review of the third Edition of the board game, Game of Thrones added to the fantasy and science fiction page
27 April Membership updated - 89 members
6 April Membership updated - 88 members
9 March Membership updated - 87 members
14 February Lawrence Hung's capsule review of GMT's three-player WWII game Triumph & Tragedy added to the WW II page
4 February Membership updated - 86 members
23 January Peter Hunt's rules changes to The Plastic Soldier Company's board game: "Battle of Britain" added to the WW II page
8 January Membership updated - 84 members
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