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Rules Changes


Due to the length of "Contre Les Viets", the rules are split over several web pages.  Alternatively, you can get the complete set in MS Word format here.



CF Rule Number



1.0     Figure Scale


Vehicles/guns = 2 to 4 real items

Mortars may equal one weapon, if on board, or a battery of 2 to 4 off board.


2.2.1  Quad .50s



Quad .50s are HMGs but they must be established in a permanent firing position at the beginning of play.


2.2.1  Autocannon


20mm, 37mm and 40mm auto cannon are either vehicle mounted or must be established in a permanent firing position at the beginning of play.  They may either fire as HMGs or as direct fire artillery.


2.2.2  Light Mortars



Mortars up to 82 mm may be moved during play.  However they may not fire in an initiative in which they move.  Mortars which are not established in a permanent firing position at the beginning of play may only fire "over open sights" or by having their fire directed by their own FO.


2.2.2  Recoilless Rifles


57mm and 75mm RCLs may be a squad in their own right in which case they treated like light mortars and HMGs for attachment to platoons, and for movement and firing restrictions.  57mm RCLs may be carried by individual figures and fired either from the shoulder or monopod, in which case they are treated like a bazooka for attachment to a squad and for movement and firing restrictions.

2.2.2  Flame throwers


Man packed flame-throwers are carried by individual figures and are treated like a bazooka for attachment They may move and fire in the same initiative.

2.3     Commanders


Add Political Cadres for VM only: +1 or +2 to morale.

Depending on their type, and the scenario, some Company Commanders may be assumed to include on FO for their own mortars or for on-board or off-board artillery.


2.3.3  Killed Commanders


Killed PCs are replaced by a PC with no addition to morale at the end of the player's next initiative.

Replacement PC's arrive at the squad in that platoon nearest to the spot where the original PC was killed, or on the CC.

CCs who are killed by fire (not melee) may be replaced by a PC.  The PC moves to the spot where the CC was killed and is replaced by a CC with no addition to morale at the end of the player's next initiative.  The PC can, in turn, be replaced in the usual manner.

CCs killed in melee or killed political cadres cannot be replaced.


4.0     Command Control


Veteran French and VM sappers = Germans

Veteran VM and Most French = US

VM and Green French = Russian


4.4+   Terrain


Dry Paddy        -     Does not block LOS

Troops on edge count cover from direct fire.

Wet paddy-  Treat as fields for LOS and Cover.

Test for bogging down.

To bog

  To un-bog

Permanent bog













Half Track/Tank










 +1 to unbog if other vehicle assisting



Dense Jungle

Infantry may only move as individual squads or group move in Indian file.

Throw D6 - 2 = No of Base widths can move.

Score of 0 = No further move this initiative.

Combat only at point blank range.


Bogging down or stopped in jungle does not lose initiative.


4.4.2+ Bunkers


RCLs or bazookas may not be fired from inside Hardpoints / Bunkers / Buildings.

Sniper spider holes are treated as bunkers but :

Arc of fire 450 directly to front only.

Suppressed result kills sniper

Buildings / Bunkers / Spider holes may be attacked by RCL / Bazookas.


5.3      Hidden Placement


Camouflaged VM fieldworks in cover are not automatically detected.  Throw a D6:

within one base = automatic detection.

more than one base = 6 to detect.

if target has fired = 3456 to detect.

(automatic if HMG, Bazooka or RCL fired.)

VM may move into, or in, or leave camouflaged fieldworks without being detected unless enemy is within 1 base.  VM already detected in cover may make a retreat move into fieldworks in the same terrain piece.


"Trinh Sat" intelligence and reconnaissance units were deployed down to company level in the VM.  Where the VM have had the opportunity to "prepare the battlefield" Trinh Sat activities may be represented by the umpire revealing the location of selected hidden French units.  If there is no umpire Trinh Sat reconnaissance can be represented by the VM player designating a straight line from the any point in his deployment area to any point in French area to be attacked.  All French hidden units, minefields and punji stakes within two base widths of either side of this line are revealed to the VM player.


6.2.1. Reactive Fire


-1 hit dice if target is not the closest to the firer.


6.3     Target Proximity


Suppressed squads may be ignored for target proximity ~ phasing firer's choice.


6.4.1  Crossfires


CCs with line of sight to PCs may coordinate multi-platoon cross fires.


6.5.2  Suppressions


Suppressed squads in the open ground hug immediately after the fire group that suppresses it finishes firing.


6.4     Firing Dice


Quad .50s, such as those at Dien Bien Phu , normally fired with only two barrels, not four, keeping the others in reserve for jams and to prevent overheating. (There is no justification to count them as 16 dice!!) Thus they fire with five dice but because of their better sustained rate of fire they have the following advantages: (a) if firing in their own initiative they do not lose the initiative the first time they fail to suppress an enemy.  If they fail to suppress twice in the same initiative then the initiative passes; and (b) if they are firing in reactive fire they ignore the first "no fire" they receive in that initiative.  If they receive two "no fires" in the same every initiative then they become "no fire".


6.5.4  Direct Fire


Terrain Feature/Modifier

Troops ground hugging inside buildings or fieldworks may not fire out, but may not be hit by direct small arms fire.


6.9     Snipers


Snipers may fire whenever normally permitted.

A failed sniper shot does not lose the initiative but the sniper may not fire again that initiative.

Snipers may not move from their starting position unless they are withdrawn.


6.10   Ambush Fire


Ambush attacks may also be declared against enemy within two stand widths if:

Target is moving along a trail, track, road or river bank or is passing through a defile between two terrain features which are less than two stands apart.         


6+       Flame throwers


Point blank range only. 3 FMs.

May only be fired at:

A linear cover item.

A vegetation cover area.

A located field defence position.

A building.

Throw a D6 - 3456 = fire effective.

12= not effective, lose initiative.                    

If effective - Troops behind linear cover retreat one base width and are pinned.

Troops inside field defences are killed.

Troops in buildings/cover retreat out and are suppressed. 


7.         Indirect Fire

            (Substantial change)

On table mortars may fire over "open sights" at a target they can see without a FO to direct their fire and without a contact and ranging throw. (C&R)

On table indirect mortar fire is subject to a C&R and is then conducted as per rule 7.1.1.

On table direct HE is conducted as per rule 7.1.1.

Mortars may not engage targets within 2 base widths of their own position.