Darkest Africa

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Darkest Africa

Like many I caught the Africa Bug from the figures produced by Foundry, I bought a few and then talked Dick Leeding into investing in Ruga Ruga and Arabs and bought more myself.  I got Pete Hunt going with the French and bought more myself, and then Adrian Esland with Brits and Masai and bought more myself.  So it went on with John Jenkins as Portuguese, Andrzej as Italians and Neil Bennett as Belgians.  Dieter is still hovering on the fringes with some odds and sods, which started with a group of left over Sikhs from Adrian.  I was going to write a set of rules but in the end used Heart of Africa, which were available on the Internet.  To these we played with the factors, made a good quick reference sheet and added Hazard Cards.  In a game each player gets a Hazard Card or two and these generally are the cause of great mirth.  We also produced Ronga cards for a campaign but have yet to introduce them.

Toying with a campaign we instead starting writing letters and these led to numerous situations, which could be fought out on the table as a wealth of interesting characters came to life.  Click on the Journal to learn more . . .

Quick Reference Card

Hazard Cards

Country Cards



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