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issue # 108 - Summer 1997

From The Editor

Well, as I write this with the rain from the approaching typhoon lashing against the window, it looks like tomorrow’s meeting may be postponed and I might have a valid excuse for a further delay in the publication of this issue of Despatches.  However, there’s no denying that the preceding two months of delay are all down to me – mea culpa.

There are quite a variety of periods covered in this issue, from the Punic Wars through to World War II. Peter concludes his two part history of his grandfather’s contribution to the British Empire, whilst the first of a 5 part series by Jeff on Alexander the Great’s successors appears from the archives. Michael does a fine job on the perennial favourite of tank warfare and the colour in this issue is provided by Philippe’s review of the computer wargame, Allied General.

Some of you will have noticed that this issue is a lot thinner than the last.  There is a good reason for this . . . lack of articles.  Dare I say that it’s up to all of you to make some contribution, however small, to future issues.  Despatches survives because of the same regular contributors (bless their cotton socks), however, we need some new blood, so get writing.

The deadline for submissions for issue #109 is 15 November 1997 and these should be sent to me preferably in Microsoft Word format by e-mail to ajjc@hkstar.com or alternatively by fax to 2849 6584.  Typing should, if possible, be in a single column with 1” margins.  If you are providing any illustrations, please send these separately (preferably in JPEG format if in computer form, zipped if practicable).

This issue’s cover depicts

R. Caton Wood’s painting of the cease-fire for the

Royal Canadians at Paardeberg, South Africa


Washington, DC, USA: Sightseeing, History

A recent tour of the capital

Bill McIntyre


My Grandfather’s Wars

The conclusion of a two part article 

Peter Hunt



The invasion of France 1940

Michael Withington



A brief report of this year’s AGM  


Computer Screen

A review of Allied General

Philippe Buchle


The Battle of Zama

Ludovic Dias


The Reunification

A tale of long ago

Peter Hunt


From the Archives

The Successors – Part I

Jeff Herbert   


Believe It or Not

History repeats itself