Hordes of the Things

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An overview of my favourite HOTT army

by Jeff Herbert


It was Bruce who first introduced me to Hordes of the Things or HOTT as it is widely known.  HOTT is the DBA/DBM fantasy based game, which is both fun and simple to play.  Magic is not overly complicated and is taken with a pinch of powdered bat’s wing but is more in line with the magic of Tolkien’s Gandalph and Saruman.


I started off with dwarfs, (read Tolkien to find out why they should not be called dwarves), elves and orcs but wanted to find a ‘signature’ army of my own.   All HOTT players need a signature army, see the Stronghold site for proof of this.  My current favourite is the People Eating Pasta and their Leaning Tower of Pizza.  Just as I started into HOTT the brilliant little Games Workshop models for Man O War became available and so using the Flying Dragons with 15mm Midianite camel riders I made the Thought Dragons, a creation by Terry Pratchett and his Discworld.  The Thought Dragons originate from a part of the Discworld where magic is in a severe state of flux.  The Thought Dragon Stronghold is the Wyrmberg, a mountain inverted by magic where the dragon flyers reside.  Thought Dragons do not actually exist but are the magical creation of their riders and cannot venture far from the Wyrmberg and the strong magical field.  For more I recommend reading the Discworld novels.


My army has two variants:-


1 x Aerial Hero General     Liessa on Thought Dragon at 6 points
1 x Aerial Hero Hrun on Thought Dragon at 6 points
6 x Flyers   Riders on Thought Dragons at 12 points




1 x Flyer General   Liessa on Thought Dragon at 2 points
5 x Flyers Lieissa’ retainers at 10 points
1 x Hero Hrun on Horseback  at 4 points
1 x Cleric  Rincewind at 3 points
1 x Behemoth The Luggage at 4 points
1 x Lurker  The Tourist  at 1 point



The second army is based on the struggle for power between Liessa and her brothers on the death of their father Griecha.  She ‘recruits’ the Hero Hrun and gains power.  The post army sees her ruling with Hrun having gained Hero status herself.  Rincewind, the Luggage and the Tourist all make appearances and I have welded them into the second army.



The first picture shows the Thought Dragons with the Wyrmberg just showing in the background.



This picture shows the wyrmberg, army and variants, Two Flower with his own imagined dragon, Ninereeds, stands out in the line up.  Beside Two flower the Luggage, Rincewind and Hrun on horseback can be seen.  The small dragons flying out of the wyrmberg are the 2mm Irregular Miniatures Nazgul figures.



In the last picture, Liessa with the Standard flies beside Hrun.


This army will be off to fight in the Berkeley HOTT 2003 competition in August and  at the moment I intend to use the first variant.  Berkeley (home of the Castle and the death of Edward II by red hot poker) will not be the venue this year as it has shifted to nearby Slimbridge (home of the Wildfowl Trust found by Sir Peter Scott).  I hope to come back with more pictures with which to remember the trip, which seems from reading the write-ups to be as much about making alcohol disappear as about war gaming.


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