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Flying Circus by Andrzej Cierpicki 

Report of the engagement of 5 June 2004


Those Magnificent Men . . . by Andrzej Cierpicki 

Report of the engagement of 1 June 2002


Russian Civil War


Treachery Tovarich! by Peter Hunt 

Report of the engagement of 22 March 2003






Red Actions - The Perfect Captain


An splendid set of free miniatures rules for wargaming small scale actions of the Russian Civil War.


Aerodrome 1.1 


An accessible and fast play set of WWI dog-fight rules that were used in playing the games reported above.


Russian Civil War Period - Jackson Gamers


An excellent place to start if you have any interest in gaming the period with miniatures, providing links to manufacturers, rules, book and boardgames.


The Great Adventure


A resource and appreciation site dedicated to the Great War "Spearhead" rules written by Shawn Taylor and Arty Conliffe




Paths of Glory - GMT


The most popular game on WWI.  It might not be a great simulation, but it's a great game, using a card driven system that ensures no two games are alike.


The First World War - Phalanx Games


Designed by Ted Raicer, who is the remarkable talented game designer responsible for Paths of Glory, this is a much more accessible game of WWI that can be comfortably played in an evening, but nonetheless conjures up many of the dilemmas facing the protagonists of the Great War. 


Triumph of Chaos - Clash of Arms


The latest of a not so long line of games simulating the Russian Civil War.  This one has obviously been heavily influenced by Paths of Glory and is likewise a card driven game.  Colourful (and complex) it is not for the feint hearted, but will appeal to those with a real interest in this chaotic period.