The Republic of Lumbago

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This article catapults Lumbago into the 20th Century from our Darkest Africa exploits and is intended to be used with Crossfire Rules.  I have placed it under WWII as this is where one would expect to find Crossfire. I have yet to paint figures for this yet but many suitable figures do exist.


The colonization of the Lumbago began in the late 1800's when the Germans established the Town of Kaizerville, this passed to the French in 1918 who renamed it Lumbagoville.  On the declaration of the Republic the town reverted to it's native name of Njia Pandamito.  Njia Pandamito became the Capital, the three other main towns being Gumbo Falls, E'Ffluent and Mumbo Jumbo.

The French Flag came down on 23 July 1953, and the Republic of Lumbago was declared and an interim Government formed from representatives of the three main tribes, the Lobotomi, Shitomee and Fukarwi under the leadership of the highly respected Shitomee Dr Matooti Fruitti, Bh Nairobi (failed).  The Interim Government faced huge problems from the start in that the Lobotomi and Fukarwi were traditional enemies whereas the Shitomee were peaceful hunters, farmers and fishermen brought in by the first colonial power in the area, Germany.

The first elections were held six months later from a coalition of representatives drawn from the Lobotomi and Shitomee people, the latter having decided to throw their lot in with the Lobotomi who they considered the lesser of two evils.  The Fukarwi became the party of opposition calling themselves the Nationalist Progressive Peoples Party, N.P.P.P, whereas the Lobotomi and Shitomee styled themselves as the Coalition of Democratic Peoples, C.D.P.  The Government was led by Lobotomi President Batili Majoka and Shitomee Vice President Zembi Ukukwi, the opposition was formed under Mamba Matarumbeta.  A disgruntled Dr Matooti Fruitti left the country.  President Batili Majoka commenced his term of office ousting the Fukarwi from any position in the Civil Service, Army or Police.  This greatly angered the Fukarwi who were out voted in Parliament, a series of protests led to a Government crackdown and the arrest of Mamba Matarumbeta and other members of the Fukarwi.

Mamba Matarumbeta was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for insurrection and the Fukarwi north rebelled.  Lacking arms against the Government troops the Fukarwi were over whelmed and many driven across the border into the White State of Central East Africa, from there many sort refuge in Zimbia where a Communist Government held sway.  The Fukarwi town of Gumbo Falls suffered badly.  Many Fukarwi trained in the use of arms and made their way back where a number of hit and run tactics were made against the Lobotomi.

The Lobotomi having destroyed the Fukarwi, then applied similar tactics against the Shitomee.  The Shitomee went quietly until tax assessment laws stripped away much of their property.  The Shitomee rebelled and likewise were dealt with.  Many fled south into refugee camps in the Democratic African Republic. Mumbo Jumbo fell into disrepair.

On the 23 July 1957, on the anniversay of the Republic of Lumbago, Batili Majoka was named President for life.  Two months later Mamba Matarumbeta escaped from prison and brought leadership to the Fukarwi.  Vice President Membi Ukukwi was assassinated and Parliament dissolved.  The President ruled by Council all of whom were Lobotomi.

Whilst this had been going on the French had looked on in disdain.  Although their armed forces had been withdrawn they still held most of the natural resources of the Country which were exploited through French owned companies.  These paid nominal fees and surcharges to the local Government which was rapidly falling into debt.  Much of the agricultural product had been supplied by the Shitomee and the Lobotomi who inherited their land proved inept farmers.  The Government then moved against other non Lobotomi's leaving the French alone.  First the Indian merchants faced increasing taxes crippling their businesses and then resumption of the large farms and plantations of European settlers, mainly those of German descent took place, it was at this time that the Von Stromp and Strudel families were made destitute being paid in Lumbago Bonds.  The other whites rallied under the leadership of Henri De Beaujolais, whose family had been in the area for four generations.  Whilst visiting the Lumbago Capital of Njia Pandamito, he was sot dead in the infamous L'Cess Pool.  The majority of the other land owners took the point and left the country with what they could take out.  The French Authoritees protested and eyed their companies' possessions nervously.  The French withdrew the last of its military support and handed over the support for the Lumbago 'air force' to the Government.

The French knew it was only time before the Lumbago Government nationalized their possessions and so turned to the Shitomee to restore the Democracy. Being unable to do this direct without incurring the wrath of the Lumbago Government they did so by funding the Shitomee and providing them with mercenary advisers.  Dr Matootie Fruiti returned to head their efforts from across the border.  All of a sudden the Lumbago Republic was fighting on two fronts to North and South.  Central East Africa closed it's borders mainly in an attempt to stop intrusions from Zimbian troops who were constantly supplying the Fukarwi with Russian arms.

President Batili Majoka gave up any impression of ruling the country and instead occupied himself with filling up his Swiss Bank Account.  Both the Capital and the Lobotomi town of E'Ffluent took on a seedy outlook.

The Campaign

The campaign commences in 1958, the Fukarwi hold parts of the North and are determined to retake Gumbo Falls, the Shitomee the South who seek Mumbo Jumbo.  Central East Africa is nervous at the Communist build up and are anxious to prevent a second Communist neighbour.  The French are funding the Shitomee and there is strong support for further intervention if their companies come under attack.  The Russians are providing support to the Fukarwi through the Zimbians.  The Democratic African Republic are denying support of the Shitomee many of whom are residing in refugee camps.

The Army of the Republic is on paper quite strong having the First Brigade centred on Njia Pandamito, Second Brigade at E'Ffluent, Third Brigade at Gumbo Falls and the Fourth Brigade at Mumbo Jumbo.  Although called Brigades these all consist of weak battalions with some heavy weapon support.  These are supported by a company of tanks and the air force.  The air force is lucky to be able to put up an aircraft due to bad maintenance.  The President retains the Tanks in the Capital to ensure the peace.  The Presidential Guard consists of an elite French Trained Company.  The President also has a Brigade of poorly armed militia. The Fukarwi and Shitomee have both formed a Brigade each, basically consisting of about a battalion.

The campaign calls for three main players : Shitomee, Lobotomi and Fukarwi.  There is one other player for the French (guess who) and the Umpire (me) for Central East Africa.

The campaign area is a map, movement is through stylised points, the Fukarwi and Shitomee start at base camps the Government troops at the main towns.  The Government must defeat the Rebels by forcing them off their base camps in on table games. The Rebels must take control of the towns.  The rebel with the most towns wins if the Government falls. Of course this would ensure a further dictatorship.  Money, the president starts with 1 x d6 of money points, known only to him and the Umpire, he may seize French Possessions at any time gaining a further D6 of money points again secret to the other players.  Each time he seizes something the French Player throws a D6, requiring a 6 for the first seizure a 5 or 6 with others.  There is some adjustment per seizure for money and intervention. The Oil Field is the most valuable and creates 2 x D6 of wealth but increases possibility of intervention by +2.

Government losses can be made good from the Militia, which automatically recruits back to strength from the Mob.  However to equip the Militia payment must be made either from Presidential cash in hand or from seizing French Possessions.  Each Militia Coy or part Coy costs 1 pt. In addition new planes and tanks may be bought each plane 10 pts, each tank 5 pts.

If Militia is used without re-arming, in the field, each Coy lost causes a morale throw, a 1 on a D6 causes the Militia to revolt in the Capital. If the French intercede dice for Militia.

6 = lay down arms
5 = declare for French
4 = declare for Fukarwi
3 = declare for Shitomee
2 = declare independence as a new political Force
1 = stay loyal to Republic.

The Mob have a 4,5,6 chance of doing what the Militia do. If not redice for result above.

Fukarwi can replace losses but must dice to do so. 5/6 reinforced, 3/4 reinforcements must break through CEA blockade. 1/2 not yet available. Each Coy/part Coy may dice once per month but any reinforcements must come through CEA in one go, if any are intercepted all are.  Fukarwi start as Veterans but reinforced Coys become Regular.

CEA is umpire controlled and is of Battalian strength.  If blockading the Umpire dices (secret from Fukarwi) for strength. 6 Full, 5 reduced, 4 2 coy, 3 1 coy, 2 2 platoons and 1 1 platoon.  The Umpire may decide not to intervene if the blockading Force or the reinforcing force is badly out numbered.  Shitomee being better placed recruit automatically, if they have a line of communication to their Base Camp.  All Shitomee COYs commence Green but become Regular if taking part in a table battle that they win.

Fukarwi and Shitomee reinforcements arrive at Base Camp and move up to any point as long as there is a line of communication. If lines of communication are lost each cut off Force Platoon dices for availability 1 or 2 off foraging and not available to fight on table.

If the French intercede they must enter the Capital or declared capital and seize the President. The President can flee across a border point or from the airport.

Government troops must have a line of communications to Capital, or if changed the new declared Capital.

If the Tanks or Presidential guard leave the Capital dice, 1,2 or 3 the Militia and Mob will riot and attempt to seize the President. The President can only leave the Capital 'on table'.  The Shitomee have Mercs, These start as Platoon leaders all add +2 to combat +1 to rallying. If their squads are destroyed two platoon leaders join to make a Merc squad. All replacement Shitomee Platoon CO's are Shitomee.

A Russian may be attached to a Fukarwi Coy. If captured No reinforcements for any Fukarwi for D6 months. If attached D12 of hidden markers must be revealed. The COY adds +1 to combat.

The President really wants to get money out. He wins by retaining his Presidency or exiting with more money than he has lost Regular/Veteran/Green squads.  Plus twice as much money as the existing squad strength of his strongest enemy.

If the French do not capture the president they dice each month a 1 or 2 causes Political withdrawal. Next intercession is on a 6 no more adjustments.

The Air force comprises 3 prop jobs. To fly they require a 5 or 6. Each gets a D6 score of strafing dice throws, each of six dice.  They fly once each per table game.  Badly maintained they crash on a 1. 1,2,3 before strafing, 4,5,6 after strafing.

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