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By the Rivers of Babylon

fought 20 March 2004

by Jeff Herbert


By the rivers of Babylon where we sat down and awaited the Babylonians and their Midianite allies.  The Babylonians cowardly and meek by nature could not afford for us to plunder and ravish their most productive lands and they did not disappoint us.  My father-in-law the Lion of Assyria took our right and would fight in the closer terrain along the great riverbank whereas my Scythians and I took the left and the more open plains.  We expected our enemies to deploy in a similar manner and this they did.  My horsemen were game for more than camels and goats and my own right flank would also take on the Babylonian right flank. 


The Midianite right was deployed behind a loop in the lesser river and it was my plan to contain them there.  In the centre I intended to hold against their more numerous infantry whereas on the right I would create carnage among the Midianite Camels and the small Babylonian command.   My enemies played into my hands but even so the fates were not as kind to my horsemen as they could have been.  On the left a mixture of bad luck and slow manoeuvre allowed the Midianites to cross the river.  The fierce fighting left not only my Chieftain dead but also the Midianites in retreat.  In the centre I held due more to the slow advance of my enemy than the skill of my troops but on the right my best horsemen showed their mettle destroying the Midianites and Babylonians.  With my part played out and my men near spent we rested and awaited the outcome of my father-in-law.  But that is his story to tell . . . 


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