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Issue # 106 - Winter 1996/97

From The Editor

This issue, as is suggested by the cover, has a Napoleonic theme, with articles on the Vistula Legion, Waterloo and casualty rates due to musketry fire.  That’s not to say that other periods have been forgotten - there’s coverage of the Crusades, Colonial Wars and the Fall of Hong Kong, to name but a few.

This issue’s colour spread focuses on German armoured camouflage on the Western Front  in the closing months of WWII, although I’ve managed also to slip in a colour illustration of a Polish Voltigeur.

No prize winners to be announced this time as the crossword proved a little too challenging for you all, and there was no response to the caption competition.  Both competitions will however return in the next issue, so there will be ample opportunity to win those prizes.  In the meantime, you can exercise your intellect by trying Adrian’s brain teaser on page 16.

Response in the way of articles was much better than expected (we even had a submission from an ex-member, Mike Dyer, who is living in Bangkok).  However, although I have a few articles earmarked for the Spring issue, more are needed.  Especially welcome would be anything from the silent majority of the club who have yet to see their names in print.

The deadline for submissions for issue #107 is 12 February 1997 (the Wednesday after Lunar New Year), and these should be sent to me preferably in Microsoft Word format by e-mail to ajjc@hkstar.com or alternatively by fax to 2849 6584.  Well, what are you waiting for?… get writing!

This issue’s cover depicts

‘Ces terribles chevaux grises…’

Royal Scots Greys hack their way through

Napoleon’s Cuirassiers at Waterloo

as imagined by R. Caton Woodville


The Horns of Hattin

The fall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem

Ludovic Dias


Colonial Wars

A wargame area worth exploring

Bill McIntyre


German Armoured Camouflage

Western Front 1944 -1945

Andrew Chan


The Polish Vistula Legion

Forces of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw


The Battle of Trafalgar

At the November meeting

Andrzej Cierpicki


Where H.G. Feared to Tread

Recognise the battle?

Adrian Esland


Internet Providers in HK

A guide to latency rates

Adrian Esland


Computer Screen

A review of Tacops

Philippe Buchle


A Birthday, A Battlefield and Two Books            

A review of two books on Waterloo

Peter Hunt


From the Archives

The fall of Hong Kong in 1941

Andrzej Cierpicki


On a Roll of 5 or Higher Remove Three Figures

Casualty rates in the Napoleonic era

Bruce Meyer



From Our War Correspondent

Ludovic Dias


Officer Fitness Reports

A little humour

Mike Dyer