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issue # 107 - Spring 1997

From The Editor

The theme of issue 107, as suggested by the cover, is the invasion of Normandy in June 1944.  There are several excellent articles on the subject, supported by some fine contributions on topics as diverse as the Siege of Alesia and the Medieval Swiss. 

The publication of this issue is timed to coincide with the AGM, which will be held at the usual venue, Devon House, on Saturday 1st March.  It promises to be an entertaining day, with several competitions, a bring & buy sale and the election of the new committee (any volunteers?).

It has been a good year for the HKSW, with an active membership of over 30 who have done much to add to the success of the club, and, not least of all, this publication . . . talking of which, please keep those creative juices flowing – Despatches needs more of your contributions!

The next issue will have part two of Peter Hunt’s article on his grandfather, an up-date of wargame sites on the World Wide Web, the regular columns and whatever you send me in the mean time.

The deadline for submissions for issue #108 is 15 May 1997 and these should be sent to me preferably in Microsoft Word format by e-mail to ajjc@hkstar.com or alternatively by fax to 2849 6584.  Typing should, if possible, be in a single column with 1” margins.  If you are providing any illustrations, please send these separately (preferably in JPEG format if in computer form, zipped if practicable).

Due to the Easter holiday, please note that the April meeting will be held on Saturday 12th, i.e. the second Saturday of the month.

This issue’s cover depicts

the US 1st Infantry Division coming ashore at Omaha Beach – a detail from a panoramic watercolour by artist Harry Clow


Mulberries and Gooseberries 

Temporary harbours at Normandy

Chris Bridges


The Siege of Alesia

Romans in the classic Gallic siege

Mike Dyer


The Medieval Swiss at War

The tough guys from the Alps

Bill McIntyre


New Rules for Medieval Wargaming

“God, Wealth & Honour” reviewed

Dennis Leventhal


Despatches from Normandy

Reflections on five books

Michael Withington


Punic Naval Warfare

Rome and Carthage all at sea

Ludovic Dias   


17 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun

An anti-tank gun and a half

Chris Bridges


DBM Ladder Competition

The initial draw

Bob Champion



A review of three wargame magazines

Andrzej Cierpicki


My Grandfather’s Wars

Part one of a two part article 

Peter Hunt


From the Archives

The invasion of Normandy 1944

Joe Weiss


The History of the English Language

A humorous perspective

Bruce Meyer