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Age of Reason

22 May 2004

by Christopher Chu


A report of a Grand Battle between 8 players played in 15mm using the Age of Reason rules.


Allied (Prussia and her allies) against the combined strength of Austria & Russia.  The Allied commanders (from left to right) were Herbert Wong (Prussian), Cheung Kar Fai (Prussian), Alexander Lam (Ottoman Turks) & Christopher Chu (British).  While the Austrian/Russian side was commanded by Philip Ngo (Austrian) on the right, Hermann Ng (Russian) & Lawrence Ho (Austrian) in the centre and James Cheung (Russian) on the left. 


Each player prepared 8 SP (following SP calculation suggested by Herbert) for the battle, so 32 SP were fielded per side.  Whilst the Austrian/ Russian advantage in Artillery was probably 1/3 more than the Prussian (and her Allies) quantity of cannon, the superior mobility of the Prussians and the quantitative advantage of the Turks remedied the disparity between the two sides.


The Prussian early attack in the centre was repulsed.  On the Prussian left wing, the army of Prussia was hindered by the river and the Austrian commander Ngo was assigned the cannon set-up on the hilltop.  So Herbert moved forward very carefully, believing that storming the hill would only cause very serious injury and death to his troops.


On the other flank of the battle, being suppressed by the strong Russian fire power (after a round of bombardment, the British army was badly mauled, with 6 artilleryman being killed, 2 cannons thus being rendered useless), Chu was determined to give up the defensive position to mount an assault.  Unfortunately the British infantry brigade failed the order to charge with their bayonets fixed.  As a consequence the first line of British suffered many losses to cannon fire at close range and was routed.


Although the second line of British caused a lot of casualties to their Russian adversaries through small arms fire, the British failed their army withdrawal check after James Cheung decided use his Dragoons to charge into the British infantry.


Meanwhile, on the Allied left wing, Herbert found a good opportunity to seize victory, immediately sending in his cavalry to charge into the gap that had opened between Ngoís Austrian and Hermannís Russians.  His charge succeed, causing more than 25% casualties to Ngoís Austrians and forcing them to withdraw after their army withdrawal check.


At this moment, Kar Faiís Prussians with one of its brigades shattered, and another crumbling, also needed to take an army withdrawal check, which fortunately he passed.  Lawrence meanwhile advanced cautiously and his Austrians accordingly suffered light losses.


Through some carefully manoeuvring, Alexander briefly detached his brigadeís leader from the combat, and ordered his Janissaries to support his Spahi (armoured cavalry) to assault James Cheungís Russians.  This charge rolled over the musketeers and artillery on the hill, althouigh this, combined with the casualties from British, was not enough to break the Russian.


More than 30% of the Allied army was lost that day and, not surprisingly, the Austrian/Russian players were declared the winners.


The Grand Battle started at 2:15 and ended about 6:40, with every player enjoying the day's gaming.  Christopher and Hermann are thinking of playing a regular AoR battle at the next meeting.  


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