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Welcome to Warfare in the 18th Century by John Jenkins

Gaming the Seven Years War 

including a reply of a game fought at the July 2003 meeting




Age of Reason by Christopher Chu

Report of the engagement of 22 May 2004


Age of Absolutism by Elliot Woodruff

Report of the engagement of 2 August 2003






The Seven Year's War Website


A great source for information on British and French uniforms of the Seven Year's War




Eric Veitl's splendid site featuring excellent photography of his beautifully painted 25mm armies of the 18th century (and a few other periods too)




Freidrich - Histogame


This, a representation of Frederick the Great's campaigns, is a cross between a traditional wargame and what is commonly known as a "Eurogame" (meaning it has a mounted map board and high production values without complex and burdensome rules).  This is a truly splendid game, a labour of love (and it shows) covering much of Europe, from eastern France to western Russia, and Austria to Sweden in the north.  Complex no, subtle yes; highly recommended.


Soldier Kings - Avalanche Press 


This strategic game of the Seven Year's War can be played by up to 8 players as a game of the war on a global scale, or can simply be limited to the European theatre


Seven Years World War - Decision Games 


Another strategic game of the Seven Year's War, this one included in issue 221 of Strategy & Tactics magazine


Prussia's Glory - GMT


Frederick the Great's battles of Rossbach, Leuthen, Zorndorf and Torgau


Wilderness War - GMT


A card driven game of the French & Indian War of 1755 - 1760


Quebec 1759 - Columbia Games


One of the original block games - a good introduction for the novice board wargamer


Frederick the Great 


The grandaddy of them all, long out of print, but a fine game despite the lacklustre graphics and the somewhat dated CRT.  Two versions are, however, generally available on eBay - the original Strategy & Tactics version (S&T 49) 1975, and the Avalon Hill 2nd Edition (1982).


Computer Games


Dragoon: The Complete Battles of Frederick the Great  


As the title says, all of Frederick the Great's battles in an MS Windows environment.  There's a complete online manual and best of all, it appears to be freeware.