Colonel Von Stromp founded Kaiserville in honour of the Kaiser on the Northern and Western junctions of the Lumbago and Fartlonga Rivers.  This key point was chosen to interdict Arab traffic down the Lumbago to the coast and to provide a route into the more northerly areas.  Von Stromp ‘purchased’ the land for the new colony with a barrel of booze from the Chief of the Fukarwi tribe who dominated the area.  Chief Bugga-Ul became a firm ally of Von Stromp, whom Von Stromp referred to in letters home as, “Our good native subject”.  Bugga-Ul in turn greatly impressed his own people as being a very wise leader in being able to get rid of a bit of land infected by bad JU JU spirits to Von Stromp at such a high price.  Von Stromp was aided in his endeavours by Major Von Klonk,  Kapitan Von Splintz and Leuitenants Bagel and Pretzel.

The position on the rivers was further strengthened by the addition of a gunboat which arrived with a contingent of marines and sailors under the command of Kapitan Hoffen Von Drink.  As Von Drink was appointed by the Kaiser with an independent command upon the Rivers and Waterways,  Von Drink rarely agreed with anything Von Stromp wanted.  Referring to Von Stromp as that damned little jumped up Prussian.  Von Drink made regular visits back down river for despatches and orders, mainly in order to visit the bars and nightspots of Krugerand on the mouth of the Lumbago.  On these occasions he was often persuaded to leave his marines behind, which suited Von Drink as it gave him more room for lucrative trade goods.

Von Stromp,  felt that he was destined to forge out a whole new German Colony . . . 


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