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Caliver Books




Everything for the wargamer - books (new and old), wargaming rules, miniatures, paints, magazines and board wargames.  A simply amazing selection.


NWS Online Gaming Store




The lowest prices on the Internet for board wargames and accessories.  Reasonable postage costs too!


AW Miniatures



Specialising in everything 'wargames' and also providing a painting service.  One of the few stores where you can buy figures and get them painted. They also sell Battle Packs, which are very popular.


Miniature World Maker




A truly wonderful selection of rubber moulded and flocked terrain (rivers, buildings, vegetation) in various scales, and reasonably priced, to boot!


Fernando Enterprises




A painting service for wargamers based in Sri Lanka.


Amazon Miniatures




Suppliers of a variety of miniatures, rules, terrain, etc, plus lots of photos, tips and general wargame resources.  They also offer our members a 10% discount on orders of 50 or more.  Details here.






Suppliers of 15 & 20 mm, 1/200th and 1/300th metal cast military vehicles and aircraft; 1/144 WWI aircraft; 1/1200th scale ships for Napoleonic, ACW and Ironclad periods; Hinchliffe figures in various scales; various other accessories.






Suppliers of 25mm colonial naval accessories; 20mm WWI & RCW armour; 1/144 WWI aircraft and 54mm collector's figures.


Museum Miniatures




Suppliers of 15mm figures and DBA/DBM army packs for various eras.


WRM Graphics Inc




A source, not only for fine naval pictures, but also miniatures and model ship replicas.


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