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The Beijing Boardgames & Wargames Club




The Beijing Boardgames & Wargames Club was founded in November 2005 by 3 keen board gamers.  The club has more than 10 members and meets regularly to play board and wargames in Beijing, China.


Nap Nuts




The closest wargames club to Hong Kong, the Singapore Nap Nuts meet regularly to play a variety of games, not just Napoleonics as their name would suggest.  Splendid site with some great photos - well worth getting in touch with our fellow enthusiasts next time you are visiting Singapore.


Wargames Forum




An excellent forum for links to clubs, stores and general wargame resources.


The Society of Ancients




The Society of Ancients is an international amateur society for the promotion of the study of ancient and medieval military history and wargaming the period 3000 BC to 1500 AD. It is run by volunteers for the benefit of its worldwide membership. The Society publishes a bi-monthly journal, Slingshot, and sponsors various events, including wargames tournaments.


The Pike and Shot Society




The Pike and Shot Society is an international organization that promotes interest in the warfare of the Early Modern Period, a time that saw radical change in the way in which wars were fought world-wide. Its main activity is the publication of its highly respected bi-monthly journal, Arquebusier, as well as specialist books, monographs and booklets.


The Wargaming Society




Formed in 2014 to promote the play of computer wargames by like- minded individuals.  Periods covered are presently Ancients, Renaissance, Wars for Independence, American Civil War, WWI and WWII.

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