Diplomacy 2

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The Nations


England - Ken Chan

France - James Bishop

Germany - John Malliris

Italy - Dave Adams

Austria - Andrew Chan

Russia - Chris Mackreth

Turkey - Wayne Knowles



The Game


Well, this is where the game appears to have ended, a somewhat uneasy truce but a result of sorts.  Russia seems the best placed to win the game with England ripe for the picking, being little more than a client state.


An interesting game, and one that was very much different to any I have witnessed before.


The Current Position



The position last turn.


Diplomacy News Flash.


The Resources


A copy of an early computer moderation program can be obtained from Underdogs.


And here for you to print out are a colour map with place names and a blank black & white map.


A full set of the rules in PDF format can be downloaded from here.


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