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Cabbage Crates Over the Brinny by Peter Hunt 

or PSC's Battle of Britain (done properly)


In a World of Pain by Peter Hunt 

An after action report of our game on World Crossfire Day


A Village Not Far Enough by Peter Hunt 

An after action report of a game played with Crossfire rules


The Republic of Lumbago by Jeff Herbert 

A post WWII game set in Africa using Crossfire rules


The Defence of Hong Kong by John Cartwright

Shing Mun Redoubt and the Gin Drinker's Line


Mulberries and Gooseberries by Chris Bridges

Temporary harbours at Overlord

(issue # 107 of Despatches)


Despatches from Normandy by Michael Withington

Reflections on five books

(issue # 107 of Despatches)


D-Day: June 6, 1944 by Joe Weiss

A chronology

(issue # 107 of Despatches)


Christmas 1941 by Andrzej Cierpicki

The fall of Hong Kong

(issue # 106 of Despatches)


Blitzkrieg by Al Reason

From the rise of Hitler to the fall of Dunkirk; 

a review of Len Deighton's book

(issue # 105 of Despatches)