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The What's New Archive 2005
16 December local stores page updated
13 December Jeff Herbert's review of "Rome Total War" added to the computer gaming page
11 December Tim Goodchild's after action report 'End of a Task Force' added to the vietnam page
23 November Several entries added to the African Journal on the Darkest Africa page
12 November Parts III and IV of Peter Hunt's Our Grandfathers' Wars added to the colonial wars page
local stores page updated
8 November A report of 'The Big Push' added to the board gaming page
membership list updated
4 November local stores page updated
21 August Gladiator photos added to the ancients gallery
Russian Civil War photos category added to the gallery
membership list updated
Mid-July 2005 after action report added
15 August Peter Hunt's 'Sur La Rue Sans Joie' added to the vietnam page
A report of 'The Empire of the Sun' added to the board gaming page
Review of the movie Valiant added to Despatches
25 July local stores page updated
12 May membership list updated
Review of the movie Kingdom of Heaven added to Despatches
local stores and 7 years war added link to John Jenkins Designs
17 May membership list updated
about page updated
20 February membership list updated
7 February Tim Goodchild's 'Street Without Jam' added to vietnam page
6 February membership list updated.
local stores page updated
4 February Review of the movie Alexander added to Despatches
10 January membership list updated.
3 January Peter Hunt's travelogue of his visit to the Mikasa added to the expeditions and other periods pages.
competition added.
Report and photos added to the December I after action report
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